"Which photo is my favourite one? The one I´ll do tomorrow"Imogen Cunningham

About me

Welcome to my website!

I work as a photographer and videographer in Basel and surroundings.

I work in the areas:

- Weddings: Couple shoots & Wedding reports

- Photography, videography and Audio Editing (Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Lightroom and Logic Pro)

- Portrait: Portraits for employees, managers, artists and private individuals.

- Reportage: Pictures of events, company events, concerts...

- Architecture: Photos of buildings and interiors

I speak german, english, french, italian and spanish

Don´t hesitate to contact me for further information

See you in the next shooting! ;)



"I am always chasing the light. Light turns ordinary into magical" Trent Parke


"A good photographer should love life more than photography itself." Joel Strasser

"Mind and heart are the true camera lens" Yusuf Karsh


"You become a photographer when you have overcome the concerns of learning and in your hands the camera becomes an extension of yourself. Then, creativity begins" Carl Mydans